Reporting to the Director, Sourcing and working with senior business management, the Manager of Sourcing will be responsible for all company sourcing activities within the Americas.?This will include principally indirect supplies including chemicals, resins, can coatings and compounds.?The purchasing expenditure will amount to approximately $70 million.?Additionally, this position will coordinate sourcing activities with North America.?In order to accomplish this objective, and on a strategic level, the successful candidate will improve costs through improved negotiation guidelines; establishing sourcing and distribution policies and strategies; developing and maintaining a knowledge-base of suppliers; developing criteria for partnership success; and developing reliable and cost effective strategic sourcing and distribution programs. In addition, this executive will be expected to ensure the company-wide use of best practices through the integration of technology and information systems affecting price, value reliability, and cost.?More specifically, the executive will be responsible for coordinating the following:

  • Americas sourcing strategies, utilizing a sophisticated understanding of best sourcing practices, with the goal of sustaining continuous cost reductions and quality, service, and delivery improvements.

  • Strengthen and lead cross-functional efforts to achieve standardization, substitute or eliminate components, and adapt new suppler technologies.

  • Negotiate contracts and approve prices, delivery and payment terms.

  • Establish and manage supplier self-assessment programs that meet Company standards and supply objectives.

  • Bring service orientation to building strong, value-adding relationships with field personnel and operations that serve collective goals.

  • Lead the development and implementation of modern sourcing processes and strategy, including demand planning, sourcing, physical logistics, field support, continuous improvement, performance measurement and metrics, and creative global sourcing arrangements with resins and coatings suppliers and their suppliers.

Success in the first year will include:

  • Successfully match sales and sourcing requirements to control price movement and improve margins.

  • Develop cost curve for all materials.

  • Review current methods of strategic sourcing and implement improved processes.

  • Implement second source policy for critical commodities.

  • Assist with e-strategy of company.?

Job Requirements
The ideal candidate will possess the following:
The successful candidate will have a bachelor?s degree, preferably in Business Administration or engineering.?In addition, a master?s degree from a recognized business school is a plus.
The successful candidate will have approximately 6-10 years of pertinent industry experience.?This experience should be broad based involving several of the following functions: procurement, logistics, sales and operations management.?However, it should include a minimum of three years in a role involving strategic sourcing and distribution with emphasis on continuous improvement programs including supplier improvement programs, integrated supply chain management and cost reduction.?Total spend responsibility should have been approximately $70 million.?In addition, the successful candidate should have the following successful experiences:

  • Prior supply chain management experience is?required. Demonstrated experience of working in a world- class procurement organization, including working with consultants, assembling and leading commodity teams.?Demonstrated knowledge of chemical and MRO materials sourcing is necessary.

  • A successful track record in developing purchasing strategies and programs on a domestic, and preferably, a global basis involving supplier partnership and alliance concepts.?Understanding risk management is a plus.

  • A successful track record in leading and managing complex and difficult negotiations resulting in a win/win conclusion.

  • Management of or significant exposure to global distribution systems, pricing, and information technology which support procurement and distribution operations including electronic catalogues.?E-procurement experience is a plus.

  • Experienced in establishing performance metrics, internally, as well as benchmarking externally to determine how the Company compares to others in its supply chain operations.

  • ISM's CPSM certification is highly preferred

  • Advanced proficiency?MS Access, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint is required.

Other Characteristics:
The successful candidate will be a change agent and have a high energy level, industry and functional knowledge, and be an obvious team player with strong negotiating and people management skills.?Further, the individual will have the leadership skills and business knowledge, which allow him/her to assume additional management responsibilities.?Lastly, the individual will have demonstrated the following competencies:

  • Leadership demonstrated through ?hands on? involvement and team management practices including the development of staff and others toward improved skills, independence, and self-initiatives.?Be a team player.

  • Strategic thinking enabling him/her to effectively lead the development and implementation of a strategy for the organization to achieve its key financial and growth goals.

  • Creativity enabling him/her to challenge current practices and ways of thinking about global procurement and to encourage innovation and professionalism which will lead to successful win/win solutions.?(This should include strong and creative negotiation skills.)

  • Initiative demonstrated by the individual?s aggressive approach to identify, pursue, and collect cost reductions and improved services from suppliers.

  • High ethical standards demonstrated by the individual?s approach to business and the ability to set that tone for the entire organization.

  • Financial savvy involving the understanding and effective management of key financial issues that impact the business.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with strong orientation to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers.

  • Demonstrate excellent?time management skills with a history of?consistently meeting deadlines

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